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Mandy Miura
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Amanda Mandy Miura, 18, J+K-music junkie, 6th member of Arashi (嵐) ♥, Ninomaniac , KISS-ME ☆
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Mandy Miura
03 December 2018 @ 04:24 am
Master page for my icons & banners. Enjoy :)

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Mandy Miura
Okay so I still can't really believe this even though it's close to 24 hours since it happened but in a nutshell - 

    I saw WEAVER and Applicat Spectra in real life and attended their showcase here in Singapore, all in the span of 4 hours last evening.     :'D

This event is organised by A-Sketch, and I went there mainly because of WEAVER, as I'm a fan of theirs ever since I found their music after watching Sunao ni Narenakute a couple of years back (like how most fans did too!). Omg the whole night was so darn surreal and I'm proud to say that WEAVER and Apurinyanko are the first Japanese bands I have ever met in real life! ♥

And through this showcase I've fallen in love with Apurinyanko's music too d'aw :') They're a REALLY new band under A-Sketch (debuted only last year) but I have to say they are reaaaally talented!!! And their sound is so unique too. They use synthesizers and everything in the midst of their performances, all the cool digital shizz. B) 

So anyway I attended this event with quriousity and blubbertz and Applicat performed first. They performed around 4 songs + 2 songs in the encore! One of the encore songs was an English version of one of their songs HAHAHA so thoughtful + hardworking! And their songs included their newest song omg, Kamisama no Sumika.


And the best part in the fanservice had to be about KENSUKE (guitar). HAHAHA during the interval in between their songs, Kenken asked us, "Do you love me?" And the audience screamed, "YES!!!!!" It made him SO happy he broke into a majorly adorable eyesmile, did a small squeal and jumped around the place like a little boy HAHAHAHAHAHA I bet all the girls went kyun ♥ LOL

And that shameless cutiepie went on to ask the same question AGAIN towards the end of their performance. This guy really needs some lovin' LOL~

And I'm STILL blown away by Shinichi's vocals. GOSH his voice in the upper register sounds soooooooooooo sweet and akin to a girl's!!! I've seen some reviews/comments by J-music fans criticizing his voice and disliking it but I know I'm definitely in for his vocals and their music he-he-he. Their music are really worth a listen, do support them! :)

And did I mention how hot Kensuke was when he played the guitar HAHAHAHA and his wide shirt neck revealed his left collarbone ahhhhhhhh ;-; He was standing right in front of us by the way!! We clinched FIRST ROW STANDINGS, a little towards the right! And Kenken happened to be positioned at the right of the stage so ahhhhhhhhh ;")

OH AND towards the end of the performances Kenken was SO hyped up and excited he went down the stage towards us and hyperactively HUGGED a girl beside Peklian and brushed his hands across all of us towards the right omg I made contact with him HAHAHA :') /never going to wash my hands anymore

And he kept mouthing "Arigatou" to us with his wide adorable smile while performing, and in between the songs, and he also shouted it to us with cupped hands just before he had to run to leave the stage. D'aw!!! 

A'IGHT so next up was WEAVER!! 

They performed about 6-7 songs? Excluding 2 for encore. Yuuji was amazing on the keyboard ♥ Their songs included Bokura no Eien, Shiro Asa no Yume, Tinkerbell, NEVER-LAND, Kokoro no Uchi made, Tokidoki Sekai and Hakuchoumu (♥ one of my more memorable performances because I was intently singing along to it HAHA)... can't remember if they're any more left ;A; Yep.

Yuuji kept saying that he was "very happy" and "very excited" hahahaha!!! And before playing the encore song he said he would "play it with ALL his heart". D'aw!

And they provided quite aplenty of fanservice too, hahaha Shota-kun goofing around with Toru/Be-chan. Omgoshajkdnnsajdauhbds I swear Be-chan is the most hyper, kiddish and FRIENDLIEST drummer ever! HAHAHA he was sooooooooo cute! He was at our side of the stage so I could notice his actions and expressions a lot more. Shota-kun was all the way at the otherside. Be-chan kept cocking his head left and right to the beat, and cocked his head really low at a point in time in one song to look at us (because his cymbal was sort of blocking the view to us), and kept giving us HUGE WIDE TEETHY SMILES each time he managed to capture a fan's attention. :'D If he was indeed looking at me, then I think I'd exchanged wide smile with him for at least five times!!!! 

WEAVER's talk was super funny as well. Be-chan had to give a talk about Singapore in ENGLISH because he'd came here on a family trip before whilst it was the rest of the members' first trip in Singapore. He attempted to speak a couple of sentences in English, then decided to run backstage and then he suddenly returned with a note in his hand which cracked everyone up HAHAHAHA. His talk went a bit like this:

"I came here to Singapore before, on a family trip!
We went to the Singapore Flyer!
It was so be-YOO-tiful!
We also went to the.. Night Safari!
We saw a lot of animals!" 

He delivered the talk in such a lively and enthusiastic manner which was so frikken adorable hahahaha and got everyone laughing/giggling at his cuteness. 

And he kept repeating to us, "We saw a lot of ANIMALS!" with outstretched arms. LOLOLOL

Yuuji was a teeny bit annoyed by his repetition and gave him a thumbs up sign, saying, "Perfecto." and subsequently, "Okee." LOL

One boisterous fan near us at the front row also shouted out "I love you!" to Yuuji. And he replied on the mic "I love you!" to the audience too! SO SWEET~

After the showcase ended, we proceeded to the exit for the handshaking session with all the members of each band. Pek, Pui Kay and I all had VIP tickets so we were able to for it hehehe ;u; I was at a loss of what to say to each of them before queuing for it HAHA I only said "Sankyuu" and "Thank you!" to most of the members, but I said "Kawaii!" to Be-chan, to which he gave a dramatically touched reaction "Oh!" and kept holding my hand and he touched my hand to show he was flattered HAHAHAHA OK I don't really know how to put it into words so yep. I was like super amused when he did that HAHA and he made his member beside him wait extra long for me LOL. Then Be-chan finally realised he was taking too much time and ended it off with a "Sankyuu!"

When it came to Yuuji, the last man of the table row, I said to him "Kakkoi" and he was slightly surprised and flattered, and told me "Arigatou. Mata aimashou." ("Thank you. Let's meet again next time.") And I replied "Hai!" HAHA

Some of the fans including us stayed back to wait for the boys to leave the building the enter their bus van so we can bade our goodbyes. When they finally emerged from the exit door and entered the van they were visibly tired and worn out. Poor, poor things. :( Even Be-chan the hyper one looked tired as well. They didn't even want to turn in our direction of the van because of their fatigue. (Which made me feel a bit guilty for 'occupying their personal space' oh gosh.) But I'm really proud to say that the fans were all super composed and civilised, and not cray cray and out of control like... the usual K-pop fans? :x No offense, but this is really what I'd witnessed while attending U-Kiss' showcase a couple of years back. HAHA. 

I think the bands have flown back to Japan last night? Yeap. Read their staff reports and tweets about Singapore and the showcase here and I was so touched/happy. :')

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Mandy Miura
21 March 2011 @ 03:04 am

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20 March 2011 @ 03:03 am

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19 March 2011 @ 03:05 am

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18 March 2011 @ 03:05 am

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